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As an Integrative Health Counselor, I put the power back in YOUR hands.

A common question that many people seem to ask is “what does it mean to be healthy?” The answer to that question is simple, but it cannot be confined to a single answer. Cookie cutter approaches to wellness are simply quick-fix band aids that do not address the core contributors to the state of health that so many people find themselves in. To truly resolve your individual concerns, you need to address them holistically, from a perspective based on bio-individuality. That word may be big and intimidating, but it's really simple.

Your body has unique needs, and you will need to address it’s biological individuality, aka: uniqueness, in order to achieve lasting results. It's not about counting carbs and fats, and weighing yourself in everyday. It's also not about forcing yourself to endure an exercise routine that has you feeling sick by the time you are done. It's much easier than that, and not nearly as punishing. It is about nurturing and sustaining the ideal YOU, and about bringing you to new heights in self-discovery and appreciation. This is a path I have traveled for more than 20-years and I am happy to be empowered with the knowledge and skills to support you through your journey to lasting vitality.

In 1996, I reached a point in my life where I was faced with several health related issues. I was obese at 270 pounds, I lacked the positive energy and motivation I needed to thrive, I had cravings for food, drugs, and alcohol which I didn’t know how to control, and I consequently began to experience a myriad of health conditions I previously believed that I had no influence over. I went from doctor to doctor trying to find "the cure” to what was wrong with me.  What I really needed to learn was how to make sustainable healthy lifestyle choices based on my bio-individuality, and simultaneously live in a way that was in harmony with my “ideal”. I knew that I could not sustain that “ideal” by eating doughnuts, processed foods, and downing a case of soda per day. I also knew that I needed the support of someone in the know, to guide me through the process of rediscovering myself, and healing.

I began to search for help and I found a counselor who specialized in holistic health and nutrition, much like the type of service I now facilitate. The changes I made as a result of this approach to counseling truly set a new course for my future and put me on the path to healing and recovery. I lost 125 pounds, and more importantly, I have kept it off without a struggle. I began to understand my cravings on a deeper level. Consequently, I began to exercise control over what I put into my body. I healed my body and mind of each and every diagnosis ascribed to it; trust me, there were plenty. Once I had a reasonable amount of control over my life circumstances, I decided to go to college to become someone who could make a difference in the world. I was inspired!

After training in the Arts and Applied Sciences of Human Services, a sector of the helping industry similar to Social Work, and after several hundred hours of mental health practicums and internships, I found that there were gaps in the system that did not allow the client to heal completely and sustainably. I wanted to find a way to fill the gaps and to help people achieve true and lasting results while preventing them from recycling into the already overburdened healthcare system. That is when I found the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

In 2008, I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition & Teachers College - Columbia University. I was accepted into and successfully completed the second and third year Immersion Graduate programs. The program I provide is a proprietary program which can be tailored to your individual needs. It has been proven to be effective, is simple, and when you have completed the program, you will have tools and skills to continue to build the life you've always wanted.

I encourage you to contact me and set an appointment with me. Your first consultation will be complimentary, and will be a getting to know each-other session. We will conduct a confidential health history, and we will talk about how you can integrate the program into your life in a meaningful and sustainable way, holistically.

The clients who come to see me consistently experience results far beyond what they expect to achieve when they enroll. Start on your path to a better future today! I am looking forward to talking with you soon! Be well!

Learn more about my training and my unique approach to health coaching.

Patrick Martin, Jr.
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